Staratlyon 2023

Du 26/06/2023 au 30/06/2023

Campus de la Doua, CPE LYON - Rue Victor Grignard 69100 Villeurbanne

Conférenciers invités

1/ Physics and numerics for star formation (ISM physics, chemistry (for cooling and coupling between gas and magnetic fields), radiative transfer, shock, feedback, 1st and 2nd Larson core)
Invited review: Shu-ichiro Inutsuka
Invited contribution: Yuri Aikawa, Daniele Galli

2/ Isolated SF: from brown dwarfs to massive stars (Collapse and fragmentation of isolated dense cores of different masses, effect of magnetic fields, radiative transfer, outflow formation)
Invited review: James Di Francesco, Kengo Tomida
Invited contribution: Rolf Kuiper, Jonathan Tan

3/ Cluster formation (Collapse and fragmentation of large clouds. Early cluster evolution with a large gas fraction)
Invited review: Ivan Cabrera-Ziri, Alison Sills
Invited contribution: Rachel Friesen, Enrique Vazquez-Semadeni

4/ Protostellar disc formation and evolution (Discs properties: dust content, magnetic fields, mass, radius, magnetization)
Invited review: Anaëlle Maury, Yusuke Tsukamoto
Invited contribution: Aleksandra Kuznetsova , Łukasz Tychoniec

5/ Initial Mass Function and Star Formation Rate (origin of the IMF, star formation regulation on cloud scales, role of the filaments)
Invited review: Patrick Hennebelle, Mark Krumholz
Invited contribution: Philippe André, Cecilia Bacchini

6/ Molecular cloud evolution (formation and evolution of molecular clouds, star formation efficiency, feedback)
Invited review: Adam Leroy, Steffi Walch
Invited contribution: Mordecai Mac Low, Volker Ossenkopf-Okada

7/ Galactic disc formation and evolution (protostellar feedback versus other feedback mechanisms)
Invited review: Reinhard Genzel, Vadim Semenov
Invited contribution: Lihwai Lin, Romain Teyssier

8/ Star and galactic disk formation across redshift (comparison with the Milky Way, SFR/IMF, primordial star formation)
Invited review: Avishai Dekel, Raffaella Schneider
Invited contribution: Volker Bromm